Front Suspension

Stock springs and shocks must be retained. Drag race style springs, shocks, and bushings that allow excessive lift during launches are NOT allowed. The front sway bar must be retained, and it must be functional at all times. Raising or lowering of the front end is not allowed.

Rear Suspension

Stock springs and shocks must be retained. Traction devices are limited to hop-stop bars for the upper control arms on coil-spring cars. Pinion snubbers and clamping of springs are allowed on leaf-spring cars. No slapper bars or ladder bars of any kind allowed unless originally equipped from the factory. Factory documentation will be required to prove authenticity for any car equipped with bolt-on traction devices. No dealer-installed traction devices allowed. Aftermarket upper and lower control arms for coil-spring cars are not allowed. Raising or lowering of the rear end is not allowed.

Wheels and Tires


Reproduction tires or radial tires only. No soft compound tires of any kind allowed. Retread tires are not allowed. Use of traction compounds or rubber-softening chemicals on tires is strictly prohibited. Suspicious tires will be durometered. You are allowed to run tires one size over stock, with G70s being the largest size allowed for cars with 70-series tires, and G60s the largest allowed for cars that came with 60-series tires. All four tires must be the same size. No 60-series tires will be allowed unless they were originally available for the car's year and model. 60-series tires must be run on 15-inch rims as they were originally. Cars built before the introduction of 70-series Polyglas or Wide Ovals are allowed to upgrade to 70-series of appropriate size.


 Factory wheels only. Wheels must be correct in size, offset, and style for the car's make, model, and year. All four wheels must be the same size and offset.

Excessively worn or bald tires are strictly prohibited! TIRES CANNOT BE WORN DOWN TO THE TREAD WEAR BAR INDICATORS.